International Shipping 5 Challenges & Possible Solutions For Best Shipping


Here are the top challenges of international shipping & quick tips on how to fix these.


1) Choosing the Right Courier Partner

International Shipping can be the biggest Challenge when it comes to sending an e-commerce parcel. When you just start your online business, you may rely on one carrier to handle all your shipping needs. But, as you grow, you will want to find the best shipping channel for each of your shipments. Small businesses need to make sure they have a lot of choices. We suggest you go for third-party shipping providers who can offer discounted rates from a range of parcel carriers and who can provide you better assistance/support throughout the shipping journey of your parcel. Using the services from, an online shipping solution provider for e-tailers, you can find the fastest or cheapest delivery services, all depending on the package weight and dimensions.

Choose the right courier partner

Online Tracking – One of the Crucial Part of shipping your product to any international destination which the Seller should consider. Nowadays tracking isn’t the greatest problem since most of the Carriers or the Shipping Partners provide the real-time tracking. Some of the Partners also send the notifications via emails or SMS to the Seller & the buyer making it lot more easier to track the status of the parcel.

2) Shipping Rates and Transit Time

Your courier Partner should also be your shipping guide when you need a helping hand in choosing the best rates they offer in addition to the delivery transit time. Our Courier provides you an estimated cost & estimated transit time of different carriers before you ship the parcel, thus educating the seller about the services as well as reducing the pain of google-ing around various sites. This, in turn, will increase a seller’s efficiency of shipping an e-commerce parcel.

3) Prohibited & Dangerous Goods

Ecom Sellers are often new sellers in the market who are unaware of the Goods and Products which they can ship & which they cannot. These new sellers are often those people who are attracted to the online Selling & the Profits involved. They are very new to the Logistics Industry and hence they have no idea about the Process, Procedure & complexities involved in the Logistics. Only a handful of online sellers knows the word Logistics world. We suggest every seller, reach out to the Shipping Partner to get assistance on the Logistics and Shipping Solutions for E-commerce Business

4) Destination Duties & Taxes
Anything crossing a country’s border or shipped abroad must pass through customs duties and Excise Department. Custom duties differ from country to country, meaning sellers must stay informed of the laws of the country they plan to export to.

As discussed earlier the Seller hardly knows about the rules & regulations involved in the International Shipping. Customs Duties & Taxes is something which is hard to predict before shipping. However, you can get an estimate of such costs with the help of some tools available online. Once the shipment reaches the destination country the officer examines the product & imposes the Customs Duty if applicable. Generally, these costs have to be borne by the buyer or the receiver. In case if the buyer fails to make the payments, the seller should be ready to absorb the charges

5) Return Cost

Most of the times the parcel gets delivered smoothly without any hassles. The consignment seldom returns to the Seller & the reasons can be various. Many Sellers ignore this kind of costs but regret later. We suggest the Seller, be prepared to sustain the Return shipping charges of your parcel and sometimes import duties as well.

Final Saying :

Associating with a logistics and shipping provider offering the right services options, technology and understanding the ins and outs of the logistics will help remove the challenges of global shipping so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Logistics Solutions for Your Ecommerce Business easy and fastly

Running an eCommerce store? Are you a Seller on Various Online Marketplaces? There are lots of challenges alongside the potential rewards, and many owners can struggle to contend with storage, shipping, and supply issues. In order to operate a successful e-commerce company, you not only need a user-friendly website and a good online marketing strategy, but also the necessary logistics services to operate the business.


The rise in e-commerce has transformed global businesses models, especially in the fast-growing Asia Pacific region. More and more people are becoming habitual to online shopping. This new style of business is creating extensive business opportunities, as well as strong demand for logistics services, and driving fast growth in the O2O (Online to Offline) logistics model. The demands of eCommerce have also given rise to some new features and functions in courier companies. And there are a number of potential solutions to consider if you want to give your eCommerce the best chance of running smoothly and profitably.

Integrating with leading logistics companies is a crucial next step in the growth of many businesses.


What does it mean? Essentially, it ’s about website integration API which you can quickly and easily add streamlined shipment services to your website. This would allow you to connect an external application to our system to retrieve pricing, as well as track it every step of the way without having to log in to our system. These days, integration is very easy to achieve. Thanks to APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces.

These platforms can typically:

  • Create and generate orders and track when they are dispatched
  • Create and generate bulk orders which are automatically dispatched
  • Track order for the customer

This is where businesses like come into the picture. shrishyamservices automates the manual parts of the shipping process – such as fixing customer addresses; generating labels, invoices and pick lists; and alerting customers to tracking numbers. It automatically updates the customer’s dashboard with tracking details, keeping your systems up to date; and it includes a fully searchable order history and wallet balance history to ensure accuracy and traceability. shrishyamservices provides merchants with increased speed, efficiency, and accuracy. For their customers, it can provide more reliable and faster delivery.

shrishyamservices for all the e-commerce order

Benefits of using our Ecommerce Shipping Integration:

  • Can calculate the real shipping prices based on factors like Pincodes, Weight, and Dimensions of your parcel.
  • Freedom to select shipping channels and prices of your choice.
  • Directly print labels for your single or bulk orders from your shrishyamservices dashboard
  • Our system automatically sends shipping tracking information to the customer through email and notify any changes during the delivery process, hence reduce the service calls from customer.
  • Customers will have the ability to check shipping options and rates and can choose any of the available shipping options during checkout.
  • Manually Calculate shipping rates by determining the number of items ordered, total weight, and invoice amount based on the destination zip code or country.
  • Avail free pickup service from all our shipping partner.
  • Manage your COD orders very conveniently by availing the COD services from us.
  • Features like Amazon upload, Excel bulk upload, Woo-commerce plugins, API Integrations and others will make shipping simpler and easier.
  • Our dedicated support team will be assisting you with all the queries efficiently.

Correct way of Packaging of your parcel for saving your shipping cost to be payed higher

E-commerce sites sellers need to Monitor, Oversize Charges. and DIM of each and every product as it helps me costing less to the sender who is sending the product from 1 place to another place by paying some amount of money

Shipping companies charge on Actual Weight or Volume weight whichever is higher. It is imperative for any e-commerce sellers to adjust your carton sizes / Pouches to avoid dimensional weight (DIM) and oversize surcharges. FedEx, Aramex, Delivery, DOTZOT, eCom Express and UPS all have weight minimums and oversize penalties, which are referred to as DIM charges. These extra fees are calculated between the sender and the company in which price they will charge on the relationship between package weight and package size. After some time in the shipping process, if you understand how these billing rules work, you will be able to adjust the height X breadth X height of your parcels to eliminate the extra costs.

Ways to reduce extra volume weight surcharges :

  1. Suggestion: A proper shipping scale instead of using your any scales (Weighing + Measuring scales). Many times we need to be more accurate with the weight you specify when booking a parcel online. This will protect you from overpaying as well as from additional surcharges being billed to you if your parcel appears to be volumetrically heavier. It is also must to have a Camera to take few images of your parcels to have it in your records for Proof, just in case if companies overcharge you.
  2. As a best Industry practice, please follow the golden rule of shipping – Always pack your parcel the way you would like it to be packed for you. If your parcel is packed, it will reduce the risk of it being returned back to shipper/origin because of damage. This Proper packaging will not only protect shipper/ sellers from the possible loss but also save you some time and headache of having to deal with the situation and resending the shipment to Customer with Extra Shipping costs.
Use Light Weight Packaging Material to Save Extra Charges of Freight.
3. Very Importantly, sellers need to choose the lightest possible packaging material, e.g. bubble wrap, Tamper-proof pouches to protect parcel contents from damage. Keep in note that packaging materials will add additional weight and will raise the shipping cost of your parcel before sending the parcel must calculate the parcel cost after packaging. Sellers buy packaging materials in bulk to save some extra money.
Wrong Packaging – Smaller Content Parcel.
4. Many times we make a mistake in choosing wrong size packaging materials. It’s very important to Choose the size of the package according to its content. Often a small and lightweight item is sent in a box or pouches way bigger than it needs and this results in increased courier delivery price. To avoid these unnecessary costs, use scales & weighing machines & volumes calculator. Even Air filled Tamper Pouches add additional Volume weight charges on your parcel.  After measuring your parcel dimensions use calculator to find the best price for your parcel’s actual or volumetric weight. Using will be able to compare shipping charges before you send. Remember, e-commerce sellers always pay for – actual or volumetric – weight whichever is higher. Thus, if you see the volumetric weight exceeds the actual one significantly, choose a smaller box.


How to Calculate Charging Volume Weight in Express Courier Industry

Volumetric Weight Charged by Courier Companies

 courier shipment sent through any courier company can be affected by the amount of space that it occupied on an aircraft, truck or through any means of transport other than the actual weight of the product. This is also the volumetric (or dimensional) weight.


Shipping cost of any parcel was historically calculated on the basis of gross weight in kilograms or on the basis of pounds. By charging only by weight, lightweight, low-density packages become unprofitable for courier companies which lead to a loss in shipping of the products due to the amount of space they take up in the truck or aircraft or ship into the proper proportion to their actual weight.the transportation industry worldwide as at regular means of establishing a minimum charge for space a package occupies. it helps in easily calculating all the products 

What is Volumetric Weight?

The weight of a shipment is a calculation that reflects the density of a package. A less amount of item generally occupies more volume of space, in comparison to its actual weight. All the weight is been calculated and compared with the actual weight of the shipment to compare which parcel or product is greater and whichever product is in the higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost by this method it helps the shipper to earn more amount of profit through a single product.

How this Calculation can Benefits You

In today’s advanced aircraft design and technology, it is necessary for any courier company to adopt a new computation in order to make efficient use of cargo space and to avoid over-bulking. By using this kind of method, they can easily streamline their operations and in the process of their delivery, the person who delivers will can some about of benefits of space saving back to customers.

This will boost the confidence of each and every shipper to improve their packaging efficiency by using more relevant and environmental-friendly packaging method which can thus help in reducing shipment volume and resulting in reduced shipping costs.

Mostly all courier companies have started the calculation of  volumetric calculation for shipments  in respect the efforts to standardize their volumetric weight calculation for low-density packages of each and every parcel



How to Calculate the Volumetric Weight of Your Express Shipments

The volumetric divisor can be variable as per each courier company’s policy, divisor can be  5000 or 6000 or 2700 depending on the type of mode or movement of the shipment so when we calculate the weight of the product it is calculated through Volumetric Weight.

Practical Application

Dimensional weight is been calculated through the shippers through the dense objects of the object and penalizes those courier companies who ship lightweight boxes for shipping of the products. A box of unpopped corn will likely be charged by gross weight of the product and the box of popcorn will probably be charged by its dimensional weight of the product. This kind of charge is taken because the large box of popcorn takes up a lot of space but does not fill up a vehicle’s capacity in terms of weight which lead to higher courier cost of the product, making it an inefficient use of space it has been charged through dimensional weight and size also.

 All the Shippers avoid charging an extra price for shippers for smaller boxes for packing of the product, by compressing their goods, and by reducing the use of packing materials.

This techniques can tell you which delivery service best suits you

Are you too confused with courier services around?

You might want to give online marketplace shrishyamservices a shot

For the 25-year old employee of a logistics and infrastructure firm in Delhi, it was disturbing to see the opaqueness and inefficiency of the logistics industry, especially when India spends around 14 percent of its GDP on logistics as opposed to 9 percent for developed countries. Pramod Sharma sensed the immense untapped potential in this industry that is suffering due to lack of infrastructure, technology and their associated inefficiencies.

Our Head was on a lookout for a business model that could bridge the gap in understanding between customers and companies by bringing in some transparency, which eventually led to shrishyamservices . It is an online marketplace for the courier and express industry that helps people make informed choices by providing them with the best and cheapest options. It also helps courier and express companies connect to the audience by enabling them to present their best offerings in the market based on trade lane, industry or customer profile. A customer can search, based on their origin and destination city or pin code and can compare various courier options based on delivery dates and pick up options. Then, the customer can choose to schedule a free pick up from home and pay online or through cash on pickup. The company is planning to launch an app on the Android platform this month.


Even buying a domain name was too costly.

“The first thing I did was to get a name for the website and register a domain. I had liked, but the price for this domain name was US$80,000. For a while, I was in despair and thought that if I couldn’t even buy a domain name, how will I launch an entire business. I kept trying variations of the name till I arrived on shrishyamservices, which was for just US$10,” said Pramod Sharma, Founder and CEO.

Since Pramod did not have any technical background, he started to search for a person with whom he could partner with to start shrishyamservices. Eventually, he got three friends on board, who had experience in building tech platforms and logistics sales, in an advisory capacity. While his friends would guide him on the various technical and logistical challenges, he still needed developers to help make the platform.

Between April and July 2005, Though it was less expensive, it had its difficulties in terms of delays. “In order to find the best talent on campus, I found some fantastic students who helped me build the particular features I wanted for shrishyamservices,”Pramod said.

On the domestic front, it is active in all over india. The international Courier service is available in all these cities.

The courier companies are the main advocates on the marketing side, as they see the need for a digital representation and solution for their business.

The startup is bootstrapped and it generates revenue via fee-for-service model, wherein shrishyamservices is paid a commission every time a booking is made on the website.

Competition in the market

There are a few websites in the market that are trying to do similar things as shrishyamservices such as Pickparcel and Pickparcel. offers international courier services and has its main focus on ecommerce deliveries. “I guess that the biggest competitors we face today in the retail segment are the telephone search engines (JustDial, Sulekha and ask me) that people use to get in touch with courier companies,” explained Pramod.

The startup is active on social and digital media, as the primary channel for its discovery is online.In addition, it is present on various online platforms related to trade, SMEs and telephone search engines to get customers on board.

“There is of course a strong offline component as well where we try to do enterprise sales to various companies that can give us volume in booking couriers, be it through tie ups with courier booking agents, concierge services or with actual companies themselves,” Pramod stated.

Customers think of us as another courier company. The biggest challenge for Pramod was to gain credibility in the eyes of the customer, especially being a new company and service. “The customer thinks of us as another courier company and not as a tech-focused aggregator… We are held accountable if the courier company gets something wrong, as the customer assumes that we are the same entity as the courier companies. We even have people calling us and asking for the status of the booking with a particular courier company even without booking through our website,” Pramod said.

shrishyamservices deals with many courier companies with different IT systems and technological capabilities. So if a courier company does not have a good tracking system or if they don’t update their files to reflect tracking, the blame often falls on the startup.“How we can empower courier companies technologically and connect them to the retail audience is a challenge and an opportunity,” he added.

Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Booking Courier

 Things To Keep In Mind Before Booking Courier

How do you determine which delivery service will best meet your requirements? Top  10 things to consider while choosing a proper  courier or delivery service for your business:

1. Speed of delivery – Fast delivery clearly qualifies as one of the most critical factors while choosing the right courier service. Even if you are not in a hurry, you might need to rush with an order. What emergency options is the courier company offering? If it is a local courier service Gurgaon – are they offering an emergency delivery option? Choosing a  proper company that offers multiple delivery options help the customer to have a trust relationship between shipper and customer by giving proper services to the customer which help them for building a trust between both the courier or shipper and customer you is taking services from the company which has built a truth with this trust it can lead to increment between buyer and shipper which help in earning good services too .

2. Security – Security is another major concern while choosing the right courier service for yourself. Choose a good courier that makes sure that the privacy of the documents is kept and read the security policy thoroughly before opting for one.

3. Customer Service and Professionalism – A courier company with professional employees is more likely to ensure the safety of products and better services. Professionalism is incorporated by training meaning that the company knows how to handle your package to your satisfaction. Dealing directly with a personal courier company means you have a direct contact with them which provides you with the reassurance that you can keep track of the delivery.

4. Price – Always ask for the final price before you commit as the advertised price may not always be the final price. Nobody wants to spend even an extra penny which is why it is important to see if there are any hidden costs that may raise the price of delivery enormously.

5. Reliability – You need a courier service that will not let you down. Each time the customer is promised a delivery, you are putting the company’s reputation at stake. Always asks your courier company if they offer any proof of their delivery or may be looking for a company that offers to track the package through the internet.

Courier  is a carrier service that has been vouched for and can be trusted for courier service Gurgaon and around. It meets all the essential factors – speed, reliability, and authenticity that make a delivery company good and accurate.

Your Courier Helper in Delhi NCR


In the fast moving life, people avoid waiting in long queues and wish for a hassle-free process for delivering the parcel to the desired destination. With so many comforts and facilities in the pocket, people don’t wish to take any troubles. However, you can relax as Courier offers you all the possible services on a single platform to do all of this in one single click.

Our Courier also offers the tracking facility for each and every product which delivered by our company. Many big portals other than us do not provide the option of price comparison among various service providers, but our courier offers prices for the specific package according to size and weight in the end. From the package to be shipped to the tracking facility, quotes are provided and each and every package is been checked carefully by our employees so that there must be no fraud activity with the product. our company offers a list of companies and selects one as per your requirement. It also offers an in-house service section helping you choose according to your wish in not only taking care of expected deliveries but also provide for immediate deliveries at your doorstep with best class services. They work regardless of the holidays just to make the customers happy and fulfill your needs. It partners with the best of the companies such as First Flight, TrackOn, Professional Couriers and other big brands in the market.

Courier believes in giving the best domestic courier services in Delhi NCR to the customer with speed and reliability. It is one of the most seamless operations where the customer benefits the most.

a doubt an established and most reliable courier aggregator service to date. it has best and highest coverage and maximum reliability that has been vouched for by their years of service. It starts and focuses on the door to door pickup, easy tracking facility, minimum price range and comparison and safe deliveries in a promised time.



Top Four Benefits Of Using Gurgaon to Delhi Courier Services

 Top Four Benefits

The courier service companies are there to deliver parcels faster than the ordinary mail. The courier service is always the preference for any regular mail service. It is because of the security and efficient delivery rendered to the customers. Courier is a renowned courier aggregator offering you the luxury to get your parcel delivered from your choice of courier provider after comparing with providers.

Plenty  of Options to Choose through our Courier Services

You can choose different courier services to send your consignment the next day, or on the same day. All the courier service in Gurgaon and  Delhi are there at your nearby center to deliver your packages. All the other agencies offer a wide range of choices in delivery, collection, and prices. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can always choose a plan perfect for you.

A Big Boon For Business Owners

courier service supports your customer for making your business dealings more incremental and profit earnable. Customers love prompt deliveries, and hence the business earns extra points with it. Good customer service is the root of customer satisfaction. Safe and secure delivery of merchandise or items plays a major role in customer services.

The accounting department of any business is always loaded with tasks. In this department, all bills, invoices, orders, payroll, taxation document work converge. The staff at this department are often under stress by the volume of the work. This load can be lightened up by the use of courier services.

You can always keep track of your Consignment

One of the major benefits of using a courier service is the fact that lost consignment is not a thing anymore. The highly sophisticated tracking system used by the companies are completely reliable and provide a peace of mind. You can keep tabs on your parcel and track their location in the delivery process or whether it is delivered to the location securely or not. This helps in keeping things on time. You can even inform the receiver about the expected time or delivery (or even change the time of delivery according to your plans). To keep tabs of your parcel, you can either call the courier company or go to their website and enter the package tracking number and you can see all the details of the parcel right at your dashboard in min period of time.

More Pocket-Friendly Than Expected

There are a lot of courier services in Delhi and Gurgaon making the courier industry utterly competitive. While this gives the clients a great opportunity to make their business or personal deliveries choosing from a huge list of delivery options and prices. Choose the one that suits you best. The timing of your delivery can be optimized as well, whether you want to deliver it on the same day, next day or any designated day. With the emergence of technology in the courier industry, the consignment deliveries have become even more affordable and hassle-free.

Nowadays, the courier industry has become very competitive. Both the local and global companies are trying to get their hands wet in the big courier market. Each and Every courier services in Gurgaon and Delhi are offering more trustworthy and user-friendly free courier services than the former. So many choices may make it hard to pick one. Therefore, it is advised to do some research before deciding upon one.